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and surrounding areas.

Providing 10 or 20 feet of clearance between limbs and the side of your house and roof can help keep your home in good condition. Don't take a chance and leave heavy branches or limbs hanging that could cause damage in a storm. Call us at 541-556-8396 today!

Structure clearance provides aeration and minimizes the growth of moss on roofs.

FREE estimates on clearing trees from your property. Call us today.

Clearing trees and limbs near your home can also keep insects and rodents from accessing your home. Let us handle your lot clearing needs, too.

Structure clearance can help to maintain the condition of your roof and minimize moss growth. Mark Sigel Tree Service provides safe, effective tree service.

Family owned and operated in Eugene

Providing Extra Breathing Room

Minimize the growth of moss

Prevent rodent access

Serving Eugene and surrounding areas for 16 years

Careful structure clearance

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